Larry Wilmore: White comedians were too 'afraid' to mock President Barack Obama

Comedian Larry Wilmore knocked his white peers for being too "afraid" of mocking former President Barack Obama when he was in office.

On the latest episode of "The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special,"  Shapiro sat down with Wilmore and discussed how the political climate has impacted modern comedy. Shapiro began by pointing out how "one-sided" late-night comedians have been and that "no one made a joke about Barack Obama for eight years."

"Now that I agree with you," Wilmore responded. "I felt that white comedians, definitely on the left, were definitely afraid of making the wrong joke about Obama.

"And when they did make jokes about Obama, they were flattering jokes, you know? Like, nobody really made real observational jokes about Obama, and that's why the impressions of Obama weren't that good because no one was making really good observations about him."

Wilmore, a former Comedy Central host who emceed a White House Correspondents Dinner under President Obama later added that people were "so precious" with Obama and told Shapiro that there is a "Jon Stewart effect" on comedians since he was a trailblazer for political comedy and that the market also drives the late-night content.

He did, however, praise "Saturday Night Live" for "really trying to poke holes at both sides" of the aisle.

Wilmore's comments came as one of his former colleagues became the latest media figure to back an impeachment push against Trump.


During Sunday's episode of his show, "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver went on a 20-minute rant while stopping to explain the mathematics and logistics behind removing Trump from power.

Oliver claimed Trump committed an impeachable offense when he contemplated removing special counsel Robert Mueller, but remained skeptical about any concrete action being taken against him.