Lance Bass: The country 'needs unity'

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Former boy bander Lance Bass is sick of seeing everyone act so divided since the recent presidential election, he told FOX411.

“We need unity,” he insisted. “..I grew up in a very conservative Baptist upbringing in Mississippi, and now I live in very liberal Los Angeles so I see both sides of what is going on in politics, and I understand both sides. I understand why everyone is so confused and uneducated about things… We all just need to take a breath and realize we are all in this together.”

Bass is gearing up for a busy year with two TV shows and a few other projects. Right now, Bass appears on the new cooking competition show “My Kitchen Rules,” which airs Thursdays on FOX.

“My whole life I’ve been very passionate about cooking and food -- my whole family has,” he said.
“Originally, I was going to do it with my husband, but we quickly realized he’s not the best cook, and I want to win the show. So then I enlisted my mom, and she taught me how to cook, and I knew she would be the perfect partner but I didn't think she would ever do a show like this.”

The 37-year-old said he was surprised at how good his mom was under pressure while on the show. He also had a trick or two up his sleeve, he revealed.

“My specialty is southern food and Cajun food,” he said. “When people eat, especially at my house, I just want you to feel good, and it’s so social.”

He also told FOX411 about the second season of “Finding Prince Charming” that will air later this year.

“The main thing I love about this show is yeah, it’s a fun silly reality show, but I love the content underneath of what is really going on,” he said of the show, which airs on Logo. “You get to see these guys really reveal a lot about themselves and deal with a lot of issues that only gay guys have had to deal with growing up. It’s nice to see that on the television screen and it really does help people out there.”