Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mocked House Democrats for using chicken to taunt Attorney General William Barr, hinting that President Trump will win again with these kinds of "sick burns."

Barr was a no-show for his House Judiciary Committee appearance after he and Democratic lawmakers couldn't agree on the terms of the hearing. Barr's decision prompted Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., to bring a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a toy chicken to the session and branded the attorney general as "Chicken Barr."

The ABC funnyman wasn't entirely impressed.

"Wow, what a sick burn that is," Kimmel sarcastically said to his audience. "Trump's gonna win again with stuff like that, isn't he?"


Kimmel wasn't the only late-night comedian to poke fun at the chicken-filled Congress. "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah insisted that the "stunt" wasn't going to bring back Barr but perhaps someone else.

"It will get Donald Trump to come and see Congress," Noah said. "He saw that KFC bucket and was like, 'fuel up Air Force One. We're going to Congress.'"

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers mocked Cohen for his overly obvious message that Barr was a "chicken."

"Dude, if you want KFC, just order KFC. It's fine," Meyers told the Democratic congressman. "You don't need to tie it into the hearing."