We know she is carrying Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West's baby, and that she even released an oh-so-thrilling debut single "Jam (Turn It Up)" - but Kim Kardashian won a Grammy of her own during the pre-telecast showdown on Sunday night?!

A digital scroll of early winners played on a loop in the backstage area throughout the night, but one of the recipient's names "Kim Kashkashian" caused a serious amount of head-scratching from press and publicists passing by.

"Wait, is that a spelling error?" chorused some, while others jaws dropped to floor as they pondered the unheard of "talents" exhibited by the reality star.

But alas in this case, there were no typing mishaps made. The rightful winner of the Best Classical Instrumental Solo was Kim Kashkashian, a fellow Armenian, who spends her time not shopping for shoes and filming an E! show but rather performing as a critically-acclaimed violin soloist with a slew of major orchestras from around the world.
Yet Kashkashian's mere mention drew plenty of confusion from at-home audiences too.

"I'm looking at a list of all the Grammy winners and best classical instrument solo goes to someone named Kim Kashkashian. That can't b real," tweeted one viewer, another weighed in that "if you didn't do a double take, your brain is much faster than mine," scores of others speculated as to whether "it was a typo."

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However, such an attention-grabbing name seems to have generated an unsuspecting fan base for the first-time accomplished artist.

"A violist wins a Grammy! Kim Kashkashian is so much cooler than Kim Kardashian," tweeted one, while another noted: "I love that there is someone named Kim Kashkashian and that this person won a Grammy."

But speaking of the (reality star) Kim Kardashian, whispers were whirling as to why she wasn't on the arm of beau Mr. West, and why neither attended the 55th Grammy Awards telecast. After all, he won two coveted statues.

Jay-Z had to accept their award for best rap performance without his collaborative sidekick for "N***as in Paris," and West too was named the winner in the rap/sung collaboration category for "No Church in the Wild."

However, the controversial hip-hop sensation reportedly announced back in December that he would be intentionally bypassing the music industry's night and instead hit up Rio de Janeiro with his baby mama Kardashian for some pose-striking at the Christ the Redeemer statue. West also didn't attend last year despite winning multiple Grammy awards.

But the repeated boycott left some industry insiders desperately disappointed.

"In the least you would think he could have come on-stage and interrupted Taylor Swift's opening musical performance," added one well-placed music mogul.