Kim Kardashian's Bodypaint Portraits, Hannah Ferguson's New Underwear Campaign, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• On Sunday night's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim Kardashian decided she needed new pics for her website, so posed for a nude photoshoot in the middle of the desert wearing nothing but a few stripes of what appears to be white bodypaint (below). Or maybe it wasn't bodypaint, and she just really doesn't know how to apply sunscreen.

• Speaking of wearing next to nothing, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson recently landed herself a new job as the face (and body) of Triumph Lingerie. Watch the video above for our exclusive interview with Hannah, along with some great shots from her new campaign.

• We're not done with Hannah just yet, though: This past Saturday on Instagram, Ferguson shared a swimsuit pic from her New Mexico shoot in the mag's most recent edition (below), probably for no other reason than to remind us she looked pretty great in that bikini, right?

• After 13 years on the air, FOX announced on Monday that they're canceling "American Idol" following its upcoming 15th season. So pretty soon, we can all stop expecting "American Idol" to produce all those superstar singing sensations it churns out, such as Lee SeWyze, Candice Glover, Phillip Phillips, and a bunch of other artists who similarly disappeared from the face of the Earth.

• On Monday morning, Heidi Klum shared another peek at her new line of Heidi Klum Intimates, this time uploading a photo of herself modeling a bra and panties on Instagram (below). And from the looks of them, they're the perfect underwear to wear when you find yourself imprisoned in an all-white room with not a single freaking piece of furniture.

• Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid has split with Australian singer Cody Simpson for the second time, reportedly because of their conflicting schedules. Hadid's rep says the two hope to reunite when their schedules are more in sync, which we imagine will only happen when one of their careers fizzles. So only a few more years, Cody!

• For Mother's Day, Kanye West surprised Kim Kardashian by filling her São Paulo hotel room with thousands of roses (the two were apart for the holiday), then later had a small orchestra waiting to serenade her at a restaurant. Meanwhile, Kim's daughter North probably just signed her name to the card.

• In other Kanye news, cameras at Sunday's Chicago Bulls game caught West laughing with Scottie Pippen courtside, only for him to quickly start brooding once he noticed the cameraman (below). But it's too late, Kanye; the whole world knows you're secretly happy. Might as well pack your bags and leave show business.

• Joanne Carson, the second of Johnny Carson's four wives (and one of Carson's three "Jo"-named wives along with Jody and Joanna), died on Friday at her Los Angeles home. She was 83.

• Despite Andy Cohen's claim on a recent episode of "Watch What Happens," Lance Bass said they never actually had intercourse. Bass still hints they did something, though, so Cohen probably isn't lying — just exaggerating a bit. Kinda like your friend Gina, who claimed in high school that she kissed Justin Timberlake, even though it turned out she just made out with an *NSYNC poster.

• According to her numerous Instagram updates, Taylor Swift's upcoming "Sin City"-esque video for her new single "Bad Blood" is going to star Lena Dunham, Kendrick Lamar, Hailee Steinfeld, Lily Aldridge, Zendaya, Ellie Goulding, Hayley Williams and, as seen below, Gigi Hadid. So basically everyone except you.

• And finally, ABC has reportedly ordered a sitcom based on the 1989 movie "Uncle Buck," but this new version seems to have little to do with the original, as Buck (Mike Epps) is more of a live-in nanny than a babysitter. Still, ABC was very smart to affiliate its new show with an established film, even if it is 26 years too late and nobody really remembers it.