Kelly Rutherford says kids were 'hysterical' over returning to Monaco

Kelly Rutherford said her kids were hysterical when she was ordered to put them on a plane to return to their father in Monaco on Aug. 6. It was just the latest chapter in the "Gossip Girl" actress' seven year custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch.

"[Giersch] went into court and demanded them back," Rutherford told FOX Business. "Monaco [where their dad lives] did not. They were hysterical, they were afraid and the way it was done was so sudden."

The actress said she was "terrified not knowing what would happen if I put them on a plane and they were voicing concerns. I didn’t know what to do."

Rutherford initially refused to send her children Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, back but a court ordered their return, a move the actress' lawyer said was incorrect.

"I mean it’s so mind boggling to me and frankly [for New York] to put its own American citizens on a plane…having the audacity to put tiny, defenseless kids on a plane and ship them out of their own country," Wendy Murphy told FOX Business.

Rutherford is set to return to court in Monaco on Sept. 3 in hopes to get her kids back. She said they don't fully understand why they can't be with their mother.

"They’ve been going through this for a long time…he’s saying things to hem constantly you can’t see your mothers unless you turn over the passports…it’s just sad."

Watch Rutherford's full interview in the video above.