Katy Perry a 'plain Jane' living her 'American dream'

In June 2008, a quirky little album release party was held for the then-unknown artist Katy Perry at Capitol Records in Hollywood. She came with her pastor parents, entertained the crowd with some songs, and excitedly joined us in the ladies’ room to fix her makeup, check her outfit for any potential wardrobe malfunctions, and gossip away like any other ordinary girl.

Four years later, Katy Perry is a household name across the world, selling almost 40 million digital tracks in the United States alone. Perry’s presence managed to shut down Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday and cause a mind-blowing fan frenzy for the premiere of her highly-anticipated 3D motion picture, the Brian Grazer-produced biopic “Part of Me,” in which she talks intimately about her personal struggles, that brief marriage to Russell Brand and the crazy quest for success.

“I’m very open and honest about everything," she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. "It was very important for me to give my point of view and perspective, and do everything with integrity. I believe 100 percent in integrity.”

The California native, who grew up singing gospel, also hopes to inspire young audiences with her stunning success story.

“I hope people realize that in the beginning, and even when I take off all this art, that I really am just a very normal girl, a plain Jane, who had a dream planted a seed, watered it and watered it and never took no for an answer,” she continued. “Even when obstacles came my way, I somehow landed on my feet. Anyone can do it, it is the American Dream.”

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Perry also revealed that she funded the film in large part herself to ensure that she didn’t look too scary in the third-dimension.

“I paid my own money because I wanted the highest quality 3D footage, and you feel like you have the best seat in the house, so close you can almost smell me. I don’t smell bad,” she laughed.

And it was only natural that we asked (you know, considering her number one hit ‘Firework’ was all about 4th of July fun) what Perry’s plans for this year’s holiday entailed.

“I just hope not to blow my hand off,” she laughed.