Fired reporter Sarah Tressler turns popular blog 'Diary of an Angry Stripper' into a book

Sarah Tressler, a former society reporter for the Houston Chronicle with a master's in Journalism from NYU, hit headlines earlier this year when a rival newspaper revealed that she was moonlighting as an exotic dancer. The incident was the force behind the popular blog, “Diary of an Angry Stripper.”

The day after the story broke, Tressler sparked a media firestorm when she was fired from her journalism job. But rather than sobbing over the saga, the stunning brunette has combined her two occupations – writing and stripping – to publish a series of her now-infamous blog posts on the inner-workings of the stripping world in a book due out this summer.

“I wanted to write about things that were bothering me, things that other dancers would complain about and really get things off my chest,” Tressler, who has been ‘dancing’ for the past eight years, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I also include pointers for customers, and stage disasters like setting my hair on fire. As you can imagine, wearing high heels on stage with very little clothing – a lot can go wrong.”


“Diary of an Angry Stripper” goes on to detail everything from strip club vocabulary to customers to avoid (those with “dumpster breath,” those who have no money, or on the opposite end-of-the-spectrum, “rich dirty rednecks”), to her brush with “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven.

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Tressler laughed that the most-popular postings in the book are "the weird fetish ones. People seem to really like them.”

And when it comes to the world of strip clubs, stilettos, and sexy moves, Tressler says there is no one stereotype that fits all.

“The girls you see working at strip clubs ranges widely. You have ones that aren't too well-educated, but then you have girls who are doctors, mothers and have master's degrees,” she continued. “It’s interesting to see who turns up at the club, and a lot of people don’t realize that the club doesn’t pay us. We have to actually pay the club to rent the space.”

Since her wildly public termination, Tressler has joined forces with attorney Gloria Allred to file an investigation into her firing with the EEOC based on the grounds of gender discrimination, and she said the amount of public support for her case has been overwhelming.

“I have had very little backlash, aside from losing my job, and a tremendous amount of support from friends and total strangers,” she noted, adding that she also teaches classes at the University of Houston and hasn’t heard anything negative from school officials since the story hit the news circuit.