Katharine McPhee has 'no regrets' over cheating on husband with married man

Katharine McPhee lives her life with no regrets.

The "American Idol" runner-up spoke with Ocean Drive magazine about her scandalous love life, saying she's learned from her past mistakes but has "no regrets."

"I got married really young, and then divorced, and in the last couple of years, I felt like, 'Wow, this is what I should have been doing when I was 20 instead of planning a wedding,'" the 32-year-old told the magazine.

McPhee married Nick Cokas, who is 19 years older than the singer, in 2008. They split several months after news broke of McPhee's affair with her married "Smash" director Michael Morris in 2014.

Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack and they have two children.

"But I don’t have any regrets. All of the choices I made I learned from in a really deep way," McPhee shared. She and Cokas finalized their divorce in 2016. "I have always been fortunate to have strong influences in my life who have forced me to look at my own choices and my own failures. I think we are all on that journey to have more awareness about who we are as a person and to grow and learn."

The now single star admits, as someone who has rarely been single, she doesn't really know what she's doing when it comes to dating.

"I’m trying to date in a way that doesn’t lock me down," she said. "There is still a certain level of attachment with the prior relationship that I was in, so emotionally to be suddenly dating other people is not as easy." She dated her Scorpion co-star Elyes Gabel in 2014.

"People say, 'You just need to hook up with a bunch of people,' but I am more of an in-love kind of person. I want to be in love with one person. I’m a one-man kind of gal and a kind of true romantic at heart."