Kate Hudson's Golden Globes Gown, Brooke Shield's Calvin Klein Jeans, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's been talking about:

The Golden Globe Awards took place on Sunday evening in Beverly Hills. You can view a list of the winners here, but it seems to be incomplete; Kate Hudson's award for Most In-Your-Face Cleavage (below) is noticeably absent.

Who among us could forget the iconic Calvin Klein ad featuring Brooke Shields in the '80s hottest jeans? Nobody, that's who. Watch the video above to hear how she's been staying in shape so she can (kind of) still fit into her original Calvin Kleins.

Beyonce sparked pregnancy rumors on Sunday after posting a photo of herself buried in the sand at the beach (below), and as you can see, daughter Blue Ivy gave Bey a big, sandy belly. But perhaps we should all be quiet about this pregnancy business; it's possible Beyonce just got fat over the holidays.

In other Golden Globes news, Cara Delevingne turned up for an after-party in a plunging black dress featuring a thigh-high slit down the center, sexy cut-outs down to her navel, and a clingy Selena Gomez glued to her side.

"American Horror Story" actress Kathy Bates was reportedly injured at the Golden Globes, screaming out in pain and "almost" collapsing after someone, or something, came down on her foot. So finally, she's getting some karmic payback for hobbling James Caan in "Misery."

Character actor Taylor Negron, whose face you almost certainly recognize from somewhere, died on Sunday at the age of 57 after a long battle with liver cancer. Here he is during happier times, when he worked as a hair specialist on the Upper West Side:

Angelina Jolie confirmed to an Italian publication that she and Brad Pitt were already married before exchanging vows in France. And no, she wasn't referring to first husband Johnny Lee Miller, or second husband Billy Bob Thornton, or Brad's first wife Jennifer Aniston. She meant they were married to each other!

According to a source for the National Enquirer, Taylor Swift has her eye on Leonardo DiCaprio. She's reportedly been texting him "non-stop" to try to get him to visit her in New York, but honestly, that's just futile. If she really wants his attention, she should go get her Brazilian citizenship and sign up at a modeling agency in Sao Paulo.

In related news, Swift's ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of the British pop band One Direction is reportedly dating Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold. We don't know too much about this particular lady other than what she posts on her social media pages, but apparently, she's fond of wearing the heck out of some underwear:

Five people were shot during a Chris Brown concert in the wee hours of Sunday morning in San Jose, California. No critical injuries were reported, but the concept of music itself was unfortunately butchered to shreds earlier in the evening, when Brown performed anything off of his 2012 album "Fortune."

And finally, Justin Bieber's people have threatened to sue BreatheHeavy.com for publishing photos that suggest his Calvin Klein underwear ads were Photoshopped to enhance his muscles. The website ended up removing the photos, no doubt because underwear ads are historically never airbrushed or retouched, and certainly not because Bieber has a huge team of very scary, very intimidating lawyers.