Jessica Simpson's father begins radiation for prostate cancer

Joe Simpson has started radiation treatments for prostate cancer and is remaining optimistic.

“He feels fine, he’s getting through it and still working,” a source told US Weekly.

“It’s all scheduled once a week. He’s super optimistic. Doctors are hopeful that this will take care of it and be the last step, and he will hopefully then be in remission and cancer-free. Joe just says he feels like it’s going to get a checkup.”

The source also revealed that the former talent manager-turned-photographer credits his famous daughters, as well as an active work schedule, as being a “great distraction” during his ordeal.

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“He’s just working and hanging with his kids,” the source reported. “He’s not slowing down at all. He’s actually been doing some bigger campaigns and shoots. He wants to keep his mind off of it. His work helps it.”

There is a silver lining to Simpson’s health battle.

US Weekly reported that since the Texan’s diagnosis, he has grown closer to his eldest daughter, singer-turned-fashion entrepreneur Jessica. The magazine stated that Simpson and the 36-year-old previously drifted apart after his 2013 divorce from her mother and his wife of 34 years, Tina Simpson.

Simpson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2016 and underwent surgery that same year.