Jessica Alba on the two biggest challenges she faces at home

Jessica Alba’s latest problem on her hands? Her daughter's love for seriously sky-high stilettos.

“The kids always get into my shoes,” the 35-year-old Honest Beauty Company founder told Us Weekly on how Honor, age 8, and Haven, age 5, enjoy wearing their mother’s couture pumps. “Oh, my gosh, it drives me crazy because I think they’re gonna break their neck.”

“They always want to get into my shoes and then, like, go down the stairs,” she added. “I’m like, ‘Really?’ And it’s always like Alaïas, like triple platforms — the craziest ones. How about a little flat? Nope, it’s like a giant Alaïa, giant Stella McCartney.

And that’s not the only challenge Alba has to tackle at home.

She also tells the celebrity news magazine that while she and her husband, 38-year-old Cash Warren, love to wind down together by streaming their favorite shows, she’s in charge of keeping him up to speed.

“He really likes ‘First 48,’ ‘Lockup,’ and I end up having to stay up to solve the mysteries and he’s snoring and I’m like, ‘Dude! Why are you putting this on when you peacefully go to sleep to murder right before bed?’… It’s like a lullaby to him,” explained Alba.

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“I’m too emotionally invested for that kind of television. I’m always trying to be like Angela Lansbury and like solve the crimes.”

At least Alba can easily crack the case of the great shoe escape.