Jermaine Jackson is not happy with Donald Trump.

The 61-year-old singer took to Twitter on Friday, after the Republican presidential candidate made "botched" comments about his late brother, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

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"'Friends' don't pay tribute by peddling b.s. theories about Michael's 'loss in confidence,'" Jackson tweeted. "This fool Trump needs to sit down."

"Michael's confidence was affected by the pressures, injustice and vitriol of external circumstances. Period," he continued. "Name-dropping Michael don't make you cool and won't win you votes. Especially when using botched facts."

During CNN's GOP town hall in Columbia, South Carolina, on Thursday, Trump claimed he "knew the real story" about the legendary King of Pop, whom he considered a "very good friend."

"He was an unbelievably talented guy," the 69-year-old Republican frontrunner said. "He lost his confidence. He lost tremendous confidence because of, honestly, bad, bad, bad surgery. He had the worst. He had people that did numbers on him that were just unbelievable. Facially, you know, the plastic surgeons."

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"He was an unbelievable talent who actually lost his confidence," Trump added. "Believe it or not, when you lose your confidence in something, you can even lose your talent."

Trump has yet to respond to Jackson's tweets.

Earlier this month, Michael Jackson's 17-year-old daughter, Paris, took to Instagram to slam haters for the "f**king ridiculous" expectations they have regarding her activity on social media.

"The expectations for my DAD were f**king ridiculous," she explained. "He didn't owe you anything, yet he was ripped to shreds DAILY. I will not let that happen to me."

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