Jennifer Aniston reveals her biggest beauty regret: 'What was I thinking?!'

Jennifer Aniston has one beauty regret — and it wasn’t The Rachel.

“My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sun-bathing I used to do without sunscreen,” the 48-year-old actress told Australia’s Now to Love. “I mean, baby oil! What was I thinking?! It’s certainly a cautionary tale: just wear sunscreen!”

The former “Friends” star has spent a lifetime soaking up the sun for a glowy complexion.

“I love the sun — I love it a lot — from the time of a babe — I mean, I was a brown berry!” she gushed. “I loved being brown — I loved it, I loved it, I loved it.”

Since then, Aniston has learned the dangers of tanning and has ditched the baby oil. These days, she insisted that the secret behind her youthful appearance is constantly applying sunscreen and moisturizer for smooth, supple skin.

It's no wonder she wishes others will understand how harmful the sun’s scorching rays can be without protection.

“Still today, when I’m with my girlfriends and they’re trying to get sunscreen on their kids and the kids are screaming: ‘No, I don’t want to wear sunscreen!’ What do they say… Ignorance is bliss? Youth is wasted on the young? You know, they’re going to have to learn this, one way or the other…”

Another lesson Aniston hopes others will learn is the importance of giving technology a break.

“This business is stressful — and the world, in general, can be stressful!” she explained. “Not only that, but we’re staring at all these different screens that used to just be a television screen. Now it’s a computer screen and a phone and God knows what else!

"These things are like barnacles to us; technology just wraps itself around us. It’s important to just have that time to be with yourself. Be in your home with your feet on the ground, taking in the earth we have — however long we may have it — and appreciate it and take care of it. And get outta your damn phone. My God!”