Jenna Jameson showed off her extreme weight loss yet again on social media on Wednesday, this time giving followers a "rear view" of her progress.

Posting a split image of photos of her backside from April, July and this week, Jameson, 44, wrote, "How cool are these progress shots? I am obsessed with seeing my healthy habits take action! The first image is when I began my quest at 200 lbs, the second was close to goal weight at 127 and the last is at my happy place 120. As you can see by the third, my skin is starting to tighten a bit, thanks to #intermittentfasting. Once again I can’t stress how important taking progress pictures is! It helps my motivation immensely."

She closed with hashtags "#progress #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #fitmom #postpartumbody #keto#ketodiet #ketotransformation."

She also shared a missive on Wednesday about loving one's self no matter what size you happen to be.

"Weight loss doesn't fix everything. Let's talk," she wrote.

"Being thin won't change sadness.  It won't fix relationships. It doesn't quiet the demons. It doesn't make you love yourself more," she continued.

"It doesn't calm anxiety. It doesn't take away the nightmares. It doesn't make you feel social. It doesn't make you of service to others. It is a step towards all of these things. I guess my point is don’t be afraid to take that first step. I love you."

The former porn star has religiously chronicled her weight loss since welcoming daughter Batel in April.

She revealed that she's sworn off of snacking and is strict about her keto diet.

She's shed more than 80 pounds so far without stepping foot in a gym, as she prefers working out at home, but made it clear that one's weight doesn't define their beauty.