Jane Fonda calls for ‘wall’ to keep White House away from Mueller probe

Actress Jane Fonda appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and advocated for a “wall,” but not one for the southern border.

“We need a wall. No, we do. We need a wall of every single citizen in the United States, a good wall that keeps the White House away from the Mueller investigation,” Fonda told the audience on Wednesday night.

“I got nervous for a second,” Jimmy Kimmel chuckled.

“And we have every single right to know what the results of that investigation is and if there’s some law that gives someone the right to edit the results, we have to change the law,” Fonda continued.

“Yes, if we have to,” Kimmel agreed.


“Could you imagine that they’re trying to keep us from knowing who the person is that’s running the country?” the Oscar-winning actress asked.

The “Grace and Frankie” star then called for marches and for everyone to write to their congressman.

“A Republican in the Justice Department recently said ‘Now is the time,’ and he’s conservative, ‘for all good men and women to come to the aid for their country,” Fonda said. “I don’t care what party you are.  And one more thing- we can never again elect a leader who pits us against each other, you know. When this is over, we have to come together, all of us. I don’t care what party you belong to.”

Her remarks were welcomed with roaring applause from the audience.


“You can’t argue with that,” Kimmel responded.

Fonda is a frequent critic of President Trump. In 2017, Fonda referred to the president as a “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" at the 69th Emmy Awards.