Is Taylor Swift turning into Jennifer Aniston 2.0?

Young grasshopper Taylor Swift, listen closely: You must learn from your recent dating mistakes so you do not become Jennifer Aniston 2.0.

Although that may sound a tad harsh, tongues are wagging that the 22 year old mega star just can’t seem to get her dating life together. Only weeks ago, she split with Connor Kennedy, the guy she fell head over heels with after dating a few short weeks. Now she’s reportedly dating One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Taylor, this has to stop! So we called in some love doctors to weigh in on the boy crazy singer’s not so personal life.

Relationship expert Rachel Sussman say it’s simple. Taylor has bad taste in men! Sussman says Swift has to figure out why she likes bad guys, which means “taking time away from dating to heal herself.”

But the star of Bravo’s “Miss Advised” Amy Laurent says Rachel is waaaaay off. Laurent says Taylor is, “just trying to figure out. She 22 years old!” Laurent says Swift is just growing up like any other young woman. The only difference is she’s in the “microscope of stardom.”

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Dr. Seth Meyers thinks Laurent is full of it, however, and cautions that Taylor is starting bad relationship patterns. “The high turnover of men suggests she doesn’t know what she’s looking for,” says Meyers.  The good doctor thinks Swift needs to “learn how to be comfortable on her own, or she will otherwise keep repeating the same mistakes over and over."

Taylor, one is not the loneliest number. After all, you have legions of fans worldwide. So, don’t rush the love thing. It will happen in due time. Enjoy being young, rich and famous. It’s really not that bad!