In the FOXlight: The Cast of 'Pitch' Shares a Glimpse Into the Future of the MLB

Coming in the fall, FOX's new show "Pitch" is sure to catch the attention of sports fans everywhere — and for a good reason.

Kylie Bunbury stars as Ginny Baker, the first female athlete to play in Major League Baseball. However, as the stars of the show explain, "Pitch" goes beyond just the baseball field.

"I think it’s symbolic," says Mark Consuelos, who plays Oscar. "I think it’s, you know, what’s going on in the world right now, what’s going on in our country right now."

In fact, when the actors and actresses were asked what they thought about the sport and its future, they shared similar views.

"We’re seeing more than just baseball," adds Meagan Holder, who plays the role of Evelyn. "The show is about more than just the game."

In regards to the premise of the show, Ali Larter (Amelia Slater) says, "No matter what your race, no matter your gender, you should be able to be whatever you want to be."

It's such a great message, that one of the stars was delighted to hear fans ask if "Pitch" is based on real-life events. "When we tell people about the plot of this show," adds Bunbury, "they say to us, 'Oh is that based on a true story?' So it’s already in the realm of possibilities to people."

Watch the rest of the segment above to find out what else these stars think about the future of the MLB, along with their insight into the casting Ginny Baker.