In the FOXlight: Harry Connick Jr. Teaches Michael Tammero the Secret to His Famous 'Back It Up' Dance

Harry Connick Jr. says that filming his new talk show feels like "a party in the middle of the day," and we have no reason to doubt it.

During a visit to the "Harry" studios in NYC, Fox News correspondent Michael Tammero got a first-hand look at the sights, sounds and spectacles that Connick has planned for his viewers — along with a very special dance lesson from Connick himself. (But more on that later.)

"It's a blessing to come out and perform for these folks every day," Connick tells Tammero of hosting his very own daytime series. "It really feels like a party that could be happening at two in the morning."

And yes, it takes a lot of talent/skill to plan a party every day of the week, so it doesn't hurt that Connick is one heck of a party planner.

"Everything I love to do, I get to do on this show," explains Connick. "I get to sing, I get to write music, arrange for the band, I get to meet incredible people, I get to perform … I've met some amazing people, and it really does feel like a family, and it feels like we're having a party in our house every day."

But as everybody knows, a party ain't a party unless there's dancing. Luckily, Connick has that covered.

Check out the clip above to get a better sense of the show's "party atmosphere," then follow along with Connick to learn his signature "back it up" dance. (And don't worry: As Connick himself admits, "You don't need rhythm to 'back it up.'")

Watch the rest of Connick's interview above, then check your local listings to find out when "Harry" airs in your area.