In the FOXlight: Gloria and Emilio Estefan Take On Broadway in 'On Your Feet!'

If you're not familiar with Gloria and Emilio Estefan's musical legacy, you've been living on another planet. The Grammy-winning duo is responsible for some of the best Latin and pop songs of the last few decades, so it only makes sense they're bringing their melodies and memories to Broadway in "On Your Feet!"

"It's our personal love story," Gloria tells FNC correspondent Michael Tammero during a backstage interview at Manhattan's Marquis Theatre. "It's a love story to music. It's a love story to this country."

Actress Ana Villafane, who portrays Gloria in the production, says "On Your Feet!" is also quite inspirational. "The show starts when [Gloria and Emilo] first get to Miami after fleeing Cuba … all the way from when they first meet. And then [we're] seeing them grow as a team and evolve into the superstars that they are now," she explains.

"Sometimes, there's a stigma attached to a 'jukebox musical,'" adds actor Josh Segarra, who plays Emilio. "But that's not what we are. We're a story about two people, about a family that fought, and is trying to succeed in our country. And look at them; they're bosses now!"

Emilio himself even considers it a "dream" to watch their story unfold on stage. "To me, the play is like a rollercoaster. But, you know, at the end, it's to inspire people."

Watch the video above for more about the Estefans' hit new musical (and their amazing relationship), then be sure to click here for showtimes and tickets!