In “Cayendo con Victoriano” Alfredo Huereca Revives Mexican Dictator Victoriano Huerta’s Tale

The dark and complex rise and fall of former dictator and Mexican military officer Victoriano Huerta is being portrayed on stage by Mexican actor Alfredo Huereca, winner of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) 2011 award for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor.”

The ceremony will take place Oct. 17, when Huereca will receive his accolade, along with TV star Luis Guzmán and broadcast journalist Natalie Morales, who are being recognized for their roles in film and television.

Huereca says it is very important to bring to light the life of “El Chacal” (the Jackal), as Huerta is known.

“He reached power by killing people,” said Alfredo Huereca, who is also the CEO and artistic director of theatrical production company World View Productions.

“He betrayed his homeland and because of that Mexico has tried to forget about him,” Huereca said. “It was a very dark time in 1913 during the Mexican revolution.”

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Huereca, now getting ready to step into character for his run of “Cayendo con Victorian” at the Festival de Teatro Nuevo León on Friday, looks back at his journey with the play, which has led him to his big win with HOLA.

“The response to the play has been phenomenal,” Huereca said. “It’s nice that finally a Mexican play ran in New York and now here at the festival in Monterrey.”

For the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) actor what makes this production interesting is how it relates “to the times we are living now” and the “relationship between Mexico and the United States.”

“The way the United States manages politics, they always want to get involved in Mexican affairs,” Huereca said. “They need to stop being every country’s cop.”

So far, Huereca is not complaining about the audience coming to see the show. He thinks the play has a lot to offer, especially for Latinos living in the U.S.

“The public sees this and they see their history and the history of their parents,” said Huereca. “They self-identify a lot with the play.”

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