Halsey says she's a 'white-passing' black woman in Playboy interview

Halsey opened up about her biracial background, saying she looks like a "white girl," but strongly identified as a "black woman."

The 22-year-old singer posed for Playboy's August issue where she spoke about politics, feminism and being the daughter of a white woman and black father. The covered featured her in a see-through pink top.

"I’m white-passing. I’ve accepted that about myself and have never tried to control anything about black culture that’s not mine," Halsey said in the Aug. 15 interview.

"I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman," she said. "So it’s been weird navigating that. When I was growing up I didn’t know if I was supposed to love TLC or Britney (Spears)."


Halsey also fired back at a follower on Instagram on Wednesday who criticized the Playboy cover, saying it wasn't "feminist."

"You are a feminist but you flash your boobs in Playboy magazine,"one user wrote in response to Halsey's photo of her Playboy cover.

"Yeah it’s crazy. I can show my t--s in Playboy, perform at the Nobel Peace, speak at the Planned Parenthood Gala with Hillary Clinton, shake my ass on 300 stages, give a speech at the United Nations, do 150 shots of tequila, get a #1 album, and march in the streets of DC all in just ONE year!" Halsey replied.

"Newsflash. A woman can be multi dimensional #WeAreNotJustOneThing."