Guns 'n Roses fans beat on Donald Trump pinata in Mexico City

“Let’s bring in some people, and give them a f***in’ stick.”

With that Guns ‘n Roses lead singer Axl Rose invited fans at the band’s Mexico City concert to come on stage Wednesday night and take whacks at an oversized Donald Trump piñata.

“I want you to express yourselves, however you feel,” Rose said in a video of the scene published by TMZ, as fans at the show roared their approval.

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Several concertgoers took turns beating on the dummy until it was a pile of parts, which the fans then tossed into the enthusiastic audience.

One of President-elect Trump’s main platforms was building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, which he said Mexico would have to pay for.

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But this wasn’t the first Trump effigy beaten on with sticks at a concert this week. The rapper YG invited fans to smash up a similar stuffed dummy on Tuesday in Los Angeles.