Garth Brooks debuts new love song to wife Trisha Yearwood at CMA Awards

Trisha Yearwood is one lucky lady!

The country singer's superstar husband, Garth Brooks, debuted his new love song to his wife of 13 years at Wednesday night's CMA Awards.

Brooks teared up while he sang "Stronger Than Me" in front of Yearwood, who like the rest of the audience, had never heard the song before. Yearwood was also seen tearing up in the audience as Brooks sang.

Before the show, Brooks told Fox News he had initially wanted to play the song for his wife as soon as he heard it but decided to wait for a special moment.

"When I heard this song, I thought, 'I want to take this to Trisha.' And I said, 'No,'" Brooks said on the red carpet. "No matter how many people are in there, we're going to be the only people in the room."

Yearwood admitted she was "nervous" to hear the song for the first time on live television.

"I haven't heard it yet. The last time that Garth surprised me like this is when he asked me to marry him," she told us ahead of the show. "I'm like everybody else, I'm just as excited to hear it and a little bit nervous."

Brooks regularly gushes about his wife, most recently explaining to Fox News in September how the pair makes their marriage a priority despite their busy careers.

"We do it together. The truth is, this isn't just a statement or [me] being mushy, but I find that anything in my life, I don't get as great results than when I do it with her."

Fox News' Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report.