Gael García Bernal To Play Undocumented Immigrant In "Desierto"

Actor Gael García Bernal will star in the next Jonas Cuaron movie, in which he will play an undocumented Mexican immigrant trying to enter the United States illegally, Deadline Hollywood said.

The film will be called "Desierto" (Desert) and will be produced by Esperanto Kino, Itaca Films, BN Films and Canana Productions, of which García Bernal is co-owner.

The screenplay was written by Mateo García and the young Cuaron, who is also co-author of "Gravity," a soon-to-premiere film produced by his father Alfonso with co-stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

The plot of "Desierto" has the character played by García Bernal finding love while trying to escape from an American vigilante who sees himself as the border patrol.

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