From Dora the Explorer to Solo Career, Matt Hunter Unplugged

For years he’s enthralled us with his charismatic voice and his signature chant “Go, Diego, Go!”

But now, Matt Hunter is ready to show the world his face, his sleek dance moves and the artist behind the cartoon.

Hunter, 13, has been voicing Diego for the past two years and has recently launched his solo career. He said he's ready to step out from behind-the-scenes.

His first single, “Mi amor,” and the music video that followed it, already have quite the following. On Twitter, the teen has close to 35,000 followers that he calls his ‘#Hunters.’

The singer says making the transition from Diego voice to solo artist has been a learning experience.

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“I feel like it was very natural,” said Hunter. “When I was younger, I did Diego and I still do Diego. I feel like it grew with me [and] it made me the artist I am today.”

The teen sports a swag and a demeanor reminiscent of Justin Bieber. But Hunter says he’s not worried about being compared with the teen pop sensation.

“I’m a Latin artist,” Hunter said. “I have a Latin flavor to my music,” something he says gives him an advantage over The Biebs. “The comparisons will always be there. But, I feel like my Latin heritage really sets me apart.”

Hunter adds that it’s Latin artists such as “Pitbull,  Prince Royce, Juanes and Don Omar,” who inspire him. One day he sees himself working side by side with them, he said.

“I think Diego would go great with Don Omar,”said Hunter, laughing about the thought of a possible collaboration.

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