Salsa sensation La India, who's been out of the spotlight the past few years, is making a comeback.

The singer, whose made a name for herself with her soulful voice and rich ballads, is collaborating with renowned singer/songwriter Juan Gabriel to tour the world.

The duo will release an album together next year, though the name of the album and date of release is still unknown.

This isn’t the first time La India has worked alongside salsa singing royalty. She's also toured with two of her mentors -- none other than the legendary Celia Cruz and Tito Puente.

“It’s been hard,” La India told FOX News Latino referring to Celia's death in an interview at SiriusXM studios. “I never really got over it. I don’t think any of the fans will ever get over losing her.”

La India said that Puente, like Cruz, “was always the type of person to give advice to the youth.”

The superstar made it a point to talk about Shakira, another Latina star, who she describes as “a great example for women.”

“Just recently I saw in the news Shakira get her star on the ‘Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood,” La India said. “I thought, 'Wow!' What an amazing thing for her because she has done so much… she’s given a lot to the kids.”

The singer wished all her fans “a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” and also asked them to support “all the Latinos here in this country.”

“We bring you a lot of love and we work hard,” La India said. “We are soulful people [and] our energies are beautiful.”

“Don’t close the doors to us and all the immigrants migrating here.”

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