For Third Time, Selena Gomez Calls Cops To L.A. Home After Trespassing Scare

Selena Gomez had another trespasser scare in her Los Angeles home over the weekend – or at least that is what she thought.

The 21-year-old singer reportedly called the cops for the second time since moving into her Los Angeles mansion on Sunday when she thought someone was lurking inside her home.

According to TMZ, Gomez arrived home around midnight and saw the back door open. Immediately, she called the cops who swiftly responded.

They found no one inside and no evidence of forced entry. It’s possible the “Come and Get It” singer left it open herself, but she had reason to worry.

In March, a stalker, now identified as Cruz Che, broke into her home. He was arrested and let out before making a beeline back to her house and was arrested for a second time.

On June 30, Che was court ordered to undergo six months of psychological treatment at a residential health facility.

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