FNM Exclusive: 'Warcraft' Fanatic Rob Kazinsky Says 'It Was the Highlight of His Life' to Star in the Film

As far as we're concerned, the filmmakers behind the new "Warcraft" film couldn't have cast a better Orgrim Doomhammer unless they hired a real-live Orc from Azeroth.

We mean no disrespect to anyone else who auditioned, of course. It's just that Rob makes a very compelling case for why he, in particular, was the perfect actor to provide the motion-capture and voice-over work for the infamous "Warcraft" Warchief.

And no, it's not just because he looks good in a sensor-studded Lycra bodysuit:

"It was the highlight of my life to be a part of that film." Rob tells FNM in an exclusive interview. "And I have an expectation upon that product probably higher than the studio, the director, and anybody that will watch it, because not only am I in that film, but I played that game to a level matched probably by … less than probably 200–300 people in the world."

"I played that game with my whole heart for a very, very long time," he adds.

Kazinsky might not be exaggerating, either. As a self-described "hardcore" gamer, he's really invested in how the legend unfolds on-screen.

"I think we're going to tell a story that people will be able to relate to, whether you play the game or not. And I think those hardcore players, like myself, will be satisfied with what we do," he says.

"My expectations on the film are so high, and it makes me very happy to feel that we actually match those expectations."

For more from Rob, along with clips from his upcoming fantasy film, be sure to watch the rest of our exclusive interview above.