FNM Exclusive: 'Nine Lives' Actress Cheryl Hines Likes the Idea of Turning Her Exes Into Animals

In the family film "Nine Lives," Cheryl Hines plays Madison, the ex-wife of a workaholic businessman who — as a form of involuntary penance — is now inhabiting the body of a cat.

And Hines, for her part, seems to really like the idea of turning her exes into animals.

"'Nine Lives' is a movie starring Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner," explains Hines in an exclusive interview with FNM. "And Kevin Spacey is a dad who is paying too much attention to his job and too little attention to his daughter, and magically, accidentally — no, purposefully — gets turned into a cat."

"It's fun to think that, in real life, you could turn your exes into animals," she smiles.

And while the premise of "Nine Lives" definitely piqued Hines' interest, it wasn't the only thing that drew her to the role.

"My character Madison was a lot of fun because she misbehaves," says Hines. "She drinks too much and says the wrong things, so it was kind of fun to play that person."

Watch the rest of our interview with Hines in the clip at the top of the page, then check out "Nine Lives," in theaters now.