FNM Exclusive: 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Explains His Unique Gift and Names His Most Emotional Session

A lot of folks might be skeptical of someone who claims to be able to speak with the dead, but Tyler Henry is turning all of L.A. into believers, one person at a time.

On his new E! series "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry," Henry is sharing his unique spiritual gift with the people of, well, Hollywood, and helping them to clarify, deal with, or make sense of the losses they've suffered.

"I help them connect to their deceased loved ones, bring them through, and really provide validation and closure," explains Henry of his work.

As he's stated before, the 20-year-old clairvoyant medium has always been very intuitive, but he only realized the extent of his abilities about ten years ago.

"My grandmother was actually ill with cancer, and one night, I woke up and [I] knew that she was going to pass away," he tells us. "I describe it almost like a memory that I hadn't had yet."

"I told my mom that we had to say goodbye, and before we got the chance to leave … we got the call that my grandmother had actually passed away. So that was really the first instance that I knew I had something different going on."

Almost as interesting is how Tyler harnesses his connection to the spirit world.

"When I walk into a room, I'm alway picking up on little impressions," says Henry, who admits that puts his talents "on the backburner" in order to live a normal life outside of work. "But when I sit down with a client to do a reading, I kind of open myself up and try to focus on the person's energy."

Watch the rest of FNM's exclusive interview with Tyler for more, including a recap of his most emotional session.