FNM Exclusive: Hallmark Channel's First-Ever 'Kitten Summer Games' Will Be 'Total Cuteness,' Says Beth Stern

If ever there was a way to overdose on cuteness, the "Kitten Summer Games" is it.

Premiering on August 5th, Hallmark Channel's Olympic-inspired special is pitting adorable kittens against more adorable kittens in events such as gymanstics, volleyball, and the deCAThelon, and it's all hosted by animal-lover extraordinaire Beth Stern.

"We have 100 kittens, and some adult cats we're featuring this year, competing in so many different fun Olympic Games," says Stern in exclusive interview with FNM. "It's just total cuteness for the entire day."

And yes, Stern realizes the "Kitten Summer Games" are airing opposite the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Rio, but that doesn't mean viewers will have to choose which one to watch. "I think at a commercial break, or any given time, just pop on over to Hallmark Channel just to see some adorable kittens frolicking and playing."

But more than merely providing viewers with a night of pawing and aww-ing, Stern and the "Kitten Summer Games" are raising awareness for a great cause.

"If you're desiring one of those cute kittens or cats on screen, you can go to your local shelter because they're all up for adoption," explains Stern. "And you can find a cute kitten like that just, probably a mile away at your local shelter."

Stern knows what she's talking about, too. Together with husband/radio icon Howard Stern, she's fostered almost 300 kittens and cats.

"He was right there with me when we decided, 'You know what? … Let's foster a litter of kittens,'" says Stern. "We loved it so much. We cried like babies when we handed them off to their forever families! We didn't realize the emotional attachment involved."

"But bottom line is, we're sticking to the mission, and that's saving more lives," adds Stern. "And Howard's my partner."

Watch Beth's interview above for a preview of "Kitten Summer Games," as well as a clip of Howard singing "Happy Birthday" to their cat Sophia.