FNM Exclusive: 'Gotham' Actor Sean Pertwee Says 'Chaos Reigns Supreme' in New Season

The latest season of FOX's hit series "Gotham" carries the subtitle "Rise of the Villains," and boy, they aren't kidding. In addition to the baddies we've already met, the rogues' gallery in Gotham City seems to be growing faster than we can count.

So what does this mean for the characters on "Gotham"? From what we gathered in our interview with Sean Pertwee, it's not looking so good.

"Expect the descent of Gotham into a burning mass of chaos, really," says Pertwee, who portrays Alfred Pennyworth. "Chaos reigns supreme."

Running amok among that chaos are familiar "Gotham" faces such as Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot, but make no mistake — they're soon joined by the nefarious Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha.

"If you've seen the first couple of episodes, he breaks out of Arkham all the Maniax, to rain terror, fear, destruction, so he can reign them in, to actually control the city," Pertwee explains.

He also says we'll get to see a different side of Barbara Kean, who he affectionately refers to as "Stabby Babby."

"So yeah, you can expect a lot of pain, and a very bumpy ride on the way down," warns Pertwee.

Check out Pertwee's entire interview above for more about "Gotham," including why he's honored to be playing an "iconic Englishman" like Alfred.