FNM Exclusive: Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of LOCASH on Why You Should Date a Country Girl

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of LOCASH are known for singing some of the catchiest country songs on the radio, but they can just as easily sing the praises of a country girl.

The duo recently sat down for an interview with FNM to discuss their new EP "I Love This Life," which soon led to a discussion about the things — and people — that make life worth living.

"We just said, 'You know what? With all this negativity in the world right now, let's just write,'" recalled Chris Lucas about penning the EP's title track. "'Let's not overthink anything. Let's write little things that are positive, all the way to the deep things that are positive. Something to make people smile.'"

"When you get back to the basics and the little things that you appreciate about life, it kinda builds, in a way, to the bigger things," added Brust, explaining why they chose to sing about everything from their boots to their granddad's barn.

Last but not least, the boys of LOCASH told us they "love this life" because of genuine country girls.

"I just think some of those core values, from the country side … I just grew up looking for those kind of things in a girl," said Brust.

"I don't think [being a country girl] neccessarily means that, you know, you're just mucking stalls and you've got mud on your boots all the time — although boots on a woman do look good," added Lucas. "I think it's just a matter of being real. You don't have to be a country girl; you can live in the city and still be real."

Watch the video above to hear more from LOCASH, then head over to iTunes to download "I Love This Life."