Flight records, restaurant receipts show John Travolta in NYC the day masseur accused him of assault in L.A., report says

John Travolta was not in Los Angeles the day a masseur claims the actor sexually assaulted him, having flown to New York the night before, TMZ reports.

TMZ looked at flight records that show Travolta's jet took off from Los Angeles International Airport at 8:21 PM on January 15, 2012 and landed at 3:59 AM the next morning in Westchester County, NY.

The masseur's lawyer claims Travolta met the masseur in question at the Beverly Hills Hotel at 10 AM on January 16, but the flight records show differently.

TMZ also reports Travolta stayed at the Greenwich Hotel in NYC on the 16th.

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TMZ posted photos of Travolta taken for a wardrobe fitting on the 16th in the late afternoon -- photos that were taken for an upcoming movie. In the photo showing the hotel bathroom, the tile floor, the marble on the walls and the bathroom door match the photos in which Travolta appears.

Travolta also went to the restaurant Mr. Chow in NYC in the evening on the 16th, according to receipts from the meal obtained by TMZ.

Travolta is being sued by two unnamed male masseurs -- John Does No. 1 and 2 -- who both claim the actor sexually assaulted them during massage sessions.

Travolta's lawyer says both lawsuits are based on fiction, and that Travolta may countersue the plaintiffs for defamation.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs says the publicity from the suits has his phone ringing off the hook with more accusers with similar stories.