Fans angered over Beyonce's GMA announcement

On Sunday night, "Good Morning America" shook the BeyHive by tweeting out a super teasey promo that promised Beyoncé would make a huge announcement today and that we were “gonna love it.”

Twitter instantly went off trying to guess what Bey wanted to tell us: Another pregnancy announcement, at the same time as Kim Kardashian, no less? New music? A Destiny’s Child reunion? WHAT?

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So this morning Queen B was like, “WORLD STOP.”

She’s vegan. Or, kind of vegan? She never actually says that she’s a strict vegan in "Good Morning America’s" “EXCLUSIVE!!” interview, just that she’s done celebrity trainer Marco Borges’ "22-Day Revolution" diet and also that she’s proud of her curves.

“Carry on.” NOW HOLD UP, BEY.

The BeyHive was underwhelmed, to say the least: