Country star Mindy McCready had just begun promoting her first album in eight years, "I'm Still Here," when she was surprised to find she had another new release coming out as well.

Vivid Entertainment had a sex tape called "Baseball Mistress" lined up and ready to hit the adult video store shelves. It featured McCready and a boyfriend named "Peter," and also included an interview where she dished on her past with several celebrities, including baseball player Roger Clemens and country star Alan Jackson.

“I had no idea," McCready told Fox411.com in an exclusive interview. "I woke up one morning and turned on the computer and it was all over the place, so that’s exactly how I found out."

McCready contacted her lawyer, and she says that they have been able to persuade the porn distributor to delay and perhaps even stop its release.

“I have a child and he will grow up and Google one day,” she said, referring to her four-year-old son Zander. “So I definitely don’t want that kind of stuff on the Internet.”

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“My attorney is amazing,” McCready said. “It is not being released, and it has been pulled completely from the Net. [Vivid] has actually been pretty cool about not making a big deal about pulling it off. They were respectful of that, so that’s good.”

Vivid had said previously that they were confident they had the rights to publish the video, but apparently that has changed.

“I think that [the fact] that they’ve pulled the release and pulled it off the Net already shows that our case has way more than merit,” she told Fox411.com.

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