'Duck Dynasty's' Jep Robertson speaks out on mysterious illness

"Duck Dynasty" star Jep Robertson suffered a seizure Oct. 19 while on a hunting trip.

Now he and his wife Jessica opened up about the mysterious illness that caused the seizure that nearly killed him.

"I'm glad to be alive brother," Robertson told FOX & Friends.

Robertson revealed that he "tested kind of positive for meningitis and encephalitis," saying "a mosquito can do a lot of damage."

While hunting with his big brother Willie and others, Jep spotted a deer and reached down to grab his bow when he fell unexpectedly and was out for 5 minutes.

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"I have no memory," he said of the scary incident.

"So Sunday he got put on the ventilator and was completely sedated and until Wednesday he was taken off and we really didn't know because he didn't recognize me, Willie or [his mom] Kay before they completely sedated him," his wife Jessica recalled. "Yeah, it was scary so when he came out and grabbed my hand it was such a sigh of relief for us it was pretty emotional."

Now the father of four is feeling much better but doctors gave him orders to stay away from hunting for a few weeks.

"They said I got to wait a few weeks and I'm really mad about that," he said.

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