Sadie Robertson: Models were mean to me

When "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson presented her daddy-approved prom dress line at New York Fashion Week in 2013, the reality star revealed the models were mean to her.

When the 17-year-old greeted the girls with a "Hey y'all," "many of them did not say a single world back to me," Robertson writes in her new book "Live Original." "They just looked at me like they had icicles in their eyes."

She continued that that made her feel unwelcomed and "uncomfortable.

"Without using words, they sent me a strong message: 'What are you doing here?'"

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    The Louisiana teen wrote all of the models "looked about six feet tall and were super skinny. They were pretty obsessed with their weight, so instead of having snacks or treats, they smoked cigarettes and drank coffee."

    But Robertson quickly realized the models themselves were "insecure."

    "They cared way too much about their outward appearance— and confidence is an inside thing," she explained in her book according to Radar. "If people try to become confident by trying to make themselves look better or feel better, they will never get there."

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