Duane and Beth Chapman pull the plug on 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt'

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Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and his wife Beth announced the end of their hit CMT show "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."

The couple told InTouch that they are ending their show to save the bail industry, which they say is under attack.

"Our industry is under attack," Beth told InTouch. "There are bail reform movements springing up across the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster."

"Our industry is under attack."

— Beth Chapman

She added that she is running for president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS).

"The bail industry provides a service to the government and helps ensure the public’s safety."

Duane told the magazine, “For over 12 years we have shown on TV the importance of the bail industry in assisting the criminal justice system, and I have preached about how important it is that bail agents and bounty hunters conduct themselves properly. We made this incredibly tough decision because we feel that without intervention from all of our associations, we will no longer have an industry in which to work. This is not an end to 'Dog the Bounty Hunter,' but if these lawyers have their way, it will be the end of the bail system in the United States and we cannot sit by and let that happen.”

A rep for CMT confirmed to FOX411 the series has ended after three seasons.