Donny Deutsch likes to surround himself with beautiful women

TV personality Donny Deutsch is coming to USA Network with a "softly scripted" series "Donny!" that is a satirical send up of media, wealth and romance – and loosely based on his real life.

In it, he plays a wealthy, single father, who is the host of a talk show and surrounds himself with brilliant women to make him look good, which Deutsch says is a reflection of who he is.

"I come from the Bill Clinton school of just surround yourself with brilliant women. I actually think women are superior to men," he told reporters at the USA Network Television Critics Association press tour for the series. "To me, women are brilliant and smart and powerful. I've done that in my life, surrounded myself with them. I basically am the butt of the joke in this show, and the women kind of rule. And that's the way I see it in real life also."

The one thing Deutsch did insist on for his "character" is that he be a good dad, who will go to any lengths for his children -- even dating unattractive women.

"I really feel I'm a good parent in real life, and I wanted to protect that," he says. "So even though I stumble, hopefully, as you watch, you'll see a guy that loves his kids, and even doing idiotic things for them, it's coming from the right place."

Although it is a not a reality show, "Donny!" is shot in Deutsch's actual posh Manhattan home, which he purchased with the proceeds from the multi-million dollar sale of Deutsch Inc., an advertising agency he inherited from his father.

Needless to say then, Deutsch's motivation in doing the show isn't money. He tells FOX411, "It's the passion of creating something. That's what always has driven me. Doing this, I feel like I am 20 years old again."

Celebrity guests in Season 1 include Christie Brinkley, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, and Deutsch says if they get a second season and Donald Trump isn't elected as president of the United States, he is confident he can get him to guest star. After all, Deutsch appeared on "The Apprentice" several times.

So what would be the topic of conversation? "Probably before Trump came on, I'd be saying to [co-star] Emily [Tarver], 'Okay. What could we do differently?' And I would be still obsessed about the hair. She'd be going, 'No, you gotta ask him about ISIS,' and I’d be like, 'Will you explain to me what the hair thing is?' And she'd be yelling at me, going, 'Schmuck, it's not about the hair.'"

In the meantime, Deutch is enjoying watching Trump's presidential campaign, and the fact that there is this weird co-dependency with the media: While the media want to go after him, they need him, especially because his poll numbers are through the roof.

"He is in on the joke. Whether it is a joke or not, he gets it," Deutsch says. "He gets that he is in this almost bulletproof place. That the more outrageous he says things, [the response is], 'Oh, it is just Donald.' And at the same time, they need him."

As for rumors that Trump will crash and burn when he is investigated for finances or improper behavior, Deutsch doesn't believe that will happen.

"That won't bother him. He will go, 'No, they're wrong. These are my finances,'" Deutsch says. "The irony of Donald is he is very straight-laced. You are not going to come up with the drinking and the drugs. Unless he did something that was a felony, there is nothing he is going to say that is going to bring him down. It is this interesting place."

"Donny!" premieres Tuesday, Nov. 10 on USA Network.