Courtney Stodden: My private sex video is not for sale

Courtney Stodden says she wants her sex tape back – and she wants it now!

"I want my tape back and Mr. Hirsch needs to respond to my attorney's demand letter to return it to me immediately,” Stodden said in a statement to FOX411. “My private video's not for sale. I don't need the million dollars.”

The former teen bride’s sex tape was described as a “solo effort” by Vivid Entertainment President Steven Hirsch. The now-20-year-old’s lawyer shot off a letter to Hirsch earlier this week saying legal action would be taken should the tape be released without her consent.

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But one person who knows how these negotiation work -- celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt -- isn’t buying Stodden’s story. He says acrimonious back-and-forth between a celebrity and Vivid over a tape – including legal letters -- is one way to drum up interest in a tape.

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    “It’s BS,” Blatt said. “She signed the deal (with Vivid) long ago.”

    FOX411 reached out to Hirsch, who just mentioned Stodden's previous legal correspondence.

    "We received the letter and we're discussing it internally to figure out what our next step will be," Hirsch said.

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