Corey Feldman drops American flag on ground during performance on 'Today'

“We love you America!”

With those words, Corey Feldman signed off from his comeback performance on the “Today Show” on Thursday, but not before angering some viewers by dropping the American flag on the ground near the end of his song “Take a Stand.”

Feldman first upset TV watchers in September simply by playing his song “Go 4 It” live. The criticism of the song, and his band Corey’s Angels’ performance, was so merciless, Feldman was reportedly in tears afterwards.

"At the end of the day, all I ask is that I'm not making a fool of myself," the former child star said. "If it wasn't God's will for me to continue performing, then I would just stop, but I think the fact that we did turn on so many new fans and gained supporters is amazing."

On Thursday’s performance, Feldman and his Angels sought to gain some converts, but may have instead lost even more fans when he picked up a cheap parade-sized American flag for some choreographed flag-waving, before tossing it aside and flashing the peace sign.

Host Tamron Hall picked up the flag and put it back in Feldman’s hand as she thanked him for returning to “Today,” but the damage it seems was already done.