Even before the sudden death of her mother Whitney Houston on Saturday, there were concerns for her only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Brown,18, was reportedly involved in a hauntingly similar bathtub scenario the day before her mom was found dead underwater. Security at the Beverly Hilton Hotel was called to Brown's room, which was booked under her mother's name, and on the same floor as Houston's room. They were forced to unlock the bathroom door when Brown wouldn't answer. According to TMZ, Brown was found asleep in her bathtub.

Then after her mom's death, Brown was taken to Cedars Sinai hospital not once, but twice. She was first brought in mere hours after her mother's death to be treated for stress and anxiety, according to TMZ. Then on Sunday she was removed from the Beverly Hilton on a stretcher for the same reasons before being released later that day.

Close friends and family now fear Brown may be suicidal, and the devastating loss could send the youngster spiraling. Experts we talked to say that because Brown’s mother and father, the singer Bobby Brown, have had serious addiction issues in the past, she could be in a dangerous position.

“Both parents have a history of addiction – and that needs to be taken very seriously, as addiction does have a strong hereditary component,” says Malibu rehab center CEO Dr. David Sack, who does not treat Brown. “Really what we're saying is that the hardest part of the problem is that there is normal grief going on here as well. Grief is a high risk period for people with addiction issues or tendencies. When they're stressed and they suffer a severe loss, it makes them far more vulnerable to relapse.”

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Dr. Eric Braverman, MD, and author of “Younger Brain, Sharper Mind” says Brown needs to be watched carefully in order to avoid the same tragic fate that her mother faced.

“Addictive behavior tends to be genetic. A close eye needs to be taken on Bobbi as typically many addictions are cross dimensional, meaning one addiction will lead to another – alcohol, nicotine, food cravings, carb cravings, etc, all affect different areas of the brain and  cause deficiencies that need to be filled,” said Braverman, who does not treat Brown. “Warning signs will depend on Bobbi’s past. Some signs include overspending, insomnia, sexual indiscretion, rage, severe depression, and inappropriate behavior.”

Brown's past includes her own substance abuse-related scandal in March of last year, when the National Enquirer published photos of the then 17-year-old snorting a white substance up her nose. The teen took to Twitter to explain the pictures, writing that she was set up by a “former very dear person.”

“God will smite them yes..But it's really not what it looks like.. People will do anything for money which is extremely sad, and I'm very hurt by this,” Brown tweeted.

By all accounts, Brown and her mother were very close. The teen often accompanied her mom to parties and events, including her last known onstage performance last Thursday at the club Tru Hollywood. Last November, Brown, who described herself on Twitter as  “Spawn of WH&BB. Dancer. Actress. Musician.,” tweeted: “things R going great with my work(: same with mommie! they say she's kickin ass!!!”

Brown also routinely referenced her own burgeoning music career, her love of #mommydaughter time, her love of God and appreciation for life. In September, she showed off her pipes and posted a video of herself doing an a cappella version of Adele’s hit “Someone Like You,” sounding very much like her late mother.

“thank you all people who doubted me. . You motivated me. . More then you know (: xo,” she tweeted in response to the outpouring of positive comments.

Brown even hinted as a collaboration with Houston, tweeting last October that she had been busy “working with mom and alot of stuff on (her) own,” and that great things could be expected from the two.

“I fervently hope that ... Whitney's daughter, will get intervention immediately in the form of grief therapy. Even though she was certainly fully aware of her mother's addiction issues, it was potentially still quite a shock to her.  None of us are ever prepared enough to lose a parent, even when it is expected,” said Los Angeles-based psychologist, Dr. Nancy Irwin. “What might best help her now is a therapist who specializes in grief as well as addictions, so that Bobbi does not try to numb out her pain through any substances. Fortunately, she does have the resources to get the best help available, and I hope her family members who maybe thinking more clearly than she right now will get her the help she needs. Hopefully, the hospital that treated her for anxiety/panic attacks this weekend will refer her to some excellent sources.”

Brown's father flew in to Los Angeles from his concert tour on Monday to be with his daughter.

"Obviously the death of her mother is affecting her," Bobby Brown said in a statement. "However, we will get through this tragedy as a family."