The anchors of CNN were ecstatic over The New York Times' report on President Donald Trump's leaked tax documents that show he had nearly $1.2 billion in losses between 1985 and 1994.

The report that broke on Tuesday night says that among high-income earners that Trump "lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer," pointing out in one year he had lost more than double than the individual with the next highest losses, according to IRS records, and that in eight of those ten years, the billionaire real estate mogul didn't have to pay any federal income taxes.

Trump's unflattering tax documents were quickly embraced by several CNN personalities.

"Outfront" anchor Erin Burnett called the findings in the NYT report "pretty stunning stuff" and that "this was not normal."

“Does this to you explain why he doesn’t want anyone to have this information? That he was such a loser?” Burnett asked a panelist. “The reason I say that word, I’m not trying to be funny, he uses that word all the time. He calls people losers and has such disdain and drips with horror when he uses that word, and yet he was literally the biggest loser in the country.”

"AC360" anchor Anderson Cooper called the report "eye-popping," "stunning," and "incredible," admitting there are "a lot of adjectives" to describe it. Cooper grinned as he also referred to President Trump as the "biggest loser" while discussing the report with NYT's Susanne Craig, one of the reporters who broke the story.

"Cuomo Prime Time" anchor Chris Cuomo showered NYT reporter Russ Buettner with praise for co-authoring the story.

"Boy, you did a hell of a job on this. Any kudos you get is well deserved," Cuomo told Buettner. "On reporting alone- forget about the impact and the outcome, the reporting is top-notch scrubbing.

Before wrapping up the part-two of a two-part segment, Cuomo congratulated Buettner, saying "in this business, the assumption is to be jealous that somebody else did it. Not me. I'm proud."

"Read this piece today. You can't have journalism that's done better than this and I don't care who it's about, I don't care what it's about. Just look at the methodology that they take you through in the piece. It's why people get into journalism," Cuomo continued. "For days, people are going to be processing this story. For days."

Meanwhile, "CNN Tonight" anchor Don Lemon declared that Trump was a "fraud" and a "con-man" and that the "fraud and the con is on us."

"It turns out Donald Trump is our con man in chief and his biggest con was pulling the wool right over your eyes, convincing voters that he would be the best dealmaker ever in the White House," Lemon told his viewers. "The man who ran for president on his reputation as a billionaire business genius was a really, really, really lousy businessman. Literally the worst businesman in the country! I'm speaking the truth here!"


Lemon mocked Trump's losses on his casinos, laughing that the house apparently doesn't "always" win.

"C'mon! Who loses money in a casino, except for the person gambling?" Lemon asked.

The "CNN Tonight" host also slammed Trump for not paying federal income taxes for several years, saying you can do that "if you're a bad businessman." He went on to ridicule the president by dramatically reading several excerpts from Trump's business memoir "The Art of the Deal."

The president took to Twitter to defend his business practices, and to lash out at the New York Times report.