Carrie Underwood: I'm a 'crazy lady' for rescuing bird

Carrie Underwood isn’t afraid to look a little crazy in the name of rescuing an injured animal — even a tiny little bird. The superstar songstress tweeted about her bird-chasing adventure on Tuesday.

Thanks to her willingness to jump in and help, the bird looks comfortable in its new cage with food, water and a soft place to sleep. Underwood further describes the ordeal, and we’re kind of wishing it’d been caught on camera. “& thanks to my hubby for pulling over so I could grab her,” she writes. “Sorry to those who had to deal w/ a crazy lady chasing a bird in the turn lane!”

This Oklahoma girl with a huge heart isn’t a stranger to rescuing animals; Underwood actually rescued a chipmunk from her dog’s mouth a couple years ago, funded an animal shelter in Oklahoma and kicked off 2014 by volunteering at an animal shelter for a few days.

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