Carmen Electra recalls memories from 'Baywatch': 'I had to pinch myself'

Carmen Electra still has plenty of love for Lani McKenzie.

“My favorite memory from ‘Baywatch’ would have to be seeing myself in the opening credits for the very first time,” said the 45-year-old to press Wednesday. “I mean, we all know that ‘Baywatch’ theme song…And then seeing each character being honored in that opening credit. And then seeing myself! I had to pinch myself because I was a true fan before, and getting that job meant the world to me…It was exciting. It blew me away.”

Electra was in Hollywood for the unveiling of a Madame Tussands wax figure modeled after Zac Efron. The 29-year-old actor starred in the film adaption of the lifeguard drama series, which premiered earlier this year. Electra was not involved with the movie, but she gave it her full support.

Electra added she wasn’t surprised it continues to draw fans since its 1989 premiere. Electra joined “Baywatch” in 1997 before it came to an end in 2001.

“I did imagine ‘Baywatch’ would go on forever and ever because by the time I joined the cast of ‘Baywatch,’ it was already the number one show in the world,” she added. “[And] I remember being in Greece, maybe a couple of years ago, and turning on the TV and there’s ‘Baywatch'! You know, it just seems like the TV series that never stops and now it’s been made into a movie with blockbuster movie stars Zac Efron and The Rock.”

In 2016, Electra gave Fox News a pretty good theory as to why the series is still a worldwide hit.

“I think people are still fascinated about ‘Baywatch’ because, honestly, probably the women,” she shared. “[And] you know…the sexy one-piece that started off as a basic [swimsuit], and then ended up a G-string after a while? To this day, if I go to Europe or someplace, it’s still on regular TV.”

She also told Fox News earlier this year that if “Baywatch” were to ever return as a reboot, she would happily dive in and pick up her character again.

“Absolutely,” she said. “I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat. I might hit the gym for like three weeks, but yes, I’ll do it!”