Burt Reynolds reveals Sally Field is 'the one that got away'

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Burt Reynolds is the first to admit that he is an "arrogant jerk." In fact, it was for that particular reason that his relationship with Sally Field didn't work out.

"I was an ass," Reynolds admitted on FOX & Friends. "I was just an arrogant jerk and [Sally] said, 'You're an arrogant jerk.'" And Reynolds agreed.

While the seasoned actor revealed Field was "the one that got away," he also said she was one of many but that's for "another book."

His relationship with Field is one of many topics he discusses in his new memoir "But Enough about Me." He told FOX & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck why he chose to write the book now.

"Well, I’m at the age where I better write it now because I’m not going to have much time soon…I wanted to say some things that needed to be said and thank some people that were really wonderful along the way."

What does the 79-year-old hope fans will walk away with after reading his memoir?

"I hope they know I worked hard and I wanted very much to do good work and I hope they get to know me a little bit better, more than [what's in] the magazines."