Of the 649 million websites on the Internet, today we chose these three.

First up, teen bride Courtney Stodden got duck lips! We are talking lip injections so big they make Angelina Jolie's pout look puny. Fishwrapper shared the pics of the latest Hollywood trout pout. Courtney dear, put the needle down slowly and walk away.

Next! A new study from Seattle Pacific University reveals men walk slower when they’re in love. According to Time, "Men significantly slow their pace to their companions’, but only if the woman is their romantic partner." So if your guy is a speed walker, break up immediately.

And finally, Buzzfeed’s list of things you only do when you’re intoxicated. Some of us crush beer cans on our foreheads. Others let their emotions flow like beautiful word vomit. Then there are those dreaded drunken social media rants. Remember, you didn't text your ex -- vodka did.

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