Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian argue over child support claims

Brandi Glanville’s never-ending divorce drama is making waves again.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star took to Twitter to share her latest argument with her famous ex Eddie Cibrian, who is married to LeAnn Rimes.

In a series of posts, Glanville charged that Cibrian is now asking her to pay child support for their two young sons. Cibrian, however, is denying the Housewife's claim.

“Im not taking cheap shots at my ex in my new book cuz its all true,&now mr fancy new cars&house man is asking ME for child support![You know nada],” Glanville wrote.

Addressing her critics, she added, “2 all these young unmarried bloggers writing about getting over divorce&not seeing ur children grow up 1/2 the time,walk a mile in my shoes.”

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Glanville has publicly bashed Cibrian and Rimes, questioning the country singer’s abilities to be a good step mother to the pair’s children.  She has also written extensively in her books about Cibrian’s cheating ways.

The actor's rep denied that there was any truth to Glanville's latest claim, calling it a publicity stunt.

“There is no truth to the claims that Eddie has requested child support from Brandi now, nor will he ever request child support from his ex-wife,” Cibrian’s rep said in a statement, according to Radar Online. “The notion is preposterous. This is yet another ploy for self-promotion.”

In any case, Glanville will likely stop dishing about the child support drama for now. Shortly after she revealed the latest fight with her ex-husband, she tweeted she was going to let her lawyers handle her troubles, implying that Cibrian was taking legal action against her.

“everytime I take 1 step frwd I get a lawyers letter that takes me 3 steps back so wen people say move on, I say 2 my ex LET ME! Just STOP”

The blonde beauty found fame on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series, and she’s quickly become one of the show’s most controversial characters, constantly feuding with the other cast members. Glanville’s plotlines early on in the show often focused on her financial troubles and her claims that her divorce was a huge financial burden.

In the latest season, Glanville's arguments with her friend Lisa Vanderpump have taken center stage. Other cast members have also frequently commented about her excessive drinking on the show.